The Adventist Theological Society is an organization dedicated to the scientific and theological promotion and establishment of the beliefs of the Seventh-Day-Adventist church. This international organization consists of Adventist theologians who aim at working within the church in a faith-affirming way. Pastors, lecturers and church members should have the possibilities to develop a deeper and better comprehension of the Bible.

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ATS-Youth Congress

The ATS-Youth Congress is an event for young people, organized by the Adventist Theological Society.

Between 200 and 1200 people have attended the meetings in the past, driven by the longing for a fulfilled life. Since 2001 the meetings have been (internationally) known as “ATS Youth Sabbaths”, the new name was applied for the first time in 2011.

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Our Vision

ATSYC seeks to inspire young people in Germany for Jesus, train them and make them to followers of HIM, so that they will finish the work of God in this generation.